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Pacificare is specialized in the dental industry that can bring your idea to reality.

We understand that product design can be the single most important factor in determining market success, our collaborative and iterative approach to product design & development is proven to be effective and sustainable to support your growth. Pacificare’s eyes are fixed firmly on the future and on providing tomorrow’s innovative solutions.

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Sonic Vibrations Toothbrush.

PACIFICARE’s sonic-assisted toothbrush that helps to achieve superior cleaning performance through the combination of sonic vibrations and fine bristles to thoroughly clean away plaque.

Swappable brush heads

Adult head
Junior head

Advanced Sonic Wave Vibration with super soft & slim bristles helps to remove plaque effectively, it’s the ideal design for helping X Filaments X Filaments prevent and treat gum disease.

Interdental and Specialist

Pacificare’s product line made to adapt to all interproximal spaces in any area of the oral cavity, and is designed with cylindrical and conical heads to make cleaning more effectively. They are made with high quality Tynex® filaments, twisted around a wire coated with a plastic insulating material which protects gums and prevents sensitivity caused by galvanism.

The brushes also come with a protective cap to keep filaments clean after use and to facilitate portability.

Filaments PHD

The quality of the brushes is backed by ISO Standard 16409, guaranteeing their durability.

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